Wednesday, December 2, 2009

R.I.P. Matt

A friend of mine from school passed away this weekend.
We have his viewing tonight.
How does this happen?
How does a 28 yr old man die?
I'm very sad for his family.
I'm a little confused...having a hard time processing it
It doesn't feel real
We weren't "close"
But when there's on 70 in the class, you're friends
What do you do with this,
do you grieve?
Do you say "how sad"
I'm not good at grieving...
actually I'm really bad at it
especially to find the appropriate level of grief
we weren't good friends
but we were class mates
he's the first in our class to go
it's symbolic in a lot of ways
he was a good guy
always far as I remember
but he's also my age.
a man my age died.
he didn't leave behind a wife and children
for that I am thankful
on the other many want to leave their mark
leave an impression in the form of their genes living on
he never go to do that.
his brother's wife is expecting
will they feel obligated to name this child with significance to Matt
so often we do.
a tool, a grieving mechanism.
this is the 3rd personal funeral I've been to as an adult.
Braden, then my Dad, and now Matt.
A friend's Dad passed but that was different, I didn't know him.
I do attend the funerals of my clients but again, different
please pray for this family as they grieve for their loss.
Loss is always harder around the holidays,
RIP Matt
we're praying for you and your family!