Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm Expecting Fluffy Mail!

I was all set to order my cloth diapers yesterday. I had found the perfect diaper for us, all the reviews said that Smartipants work great for chubby thighed babies and Ryan does have the thighs that could feed Ethiopia! I even had $350 set aside to make this happen! I had checklists of pros and cons of different diapers, I refused to buy any diapers not made in the USA! I didn't want to spend the outrageous price that some seem to be and I wanted a one size fits all so I didn't have to replace them as Ryan gets bigger...since he's our last baby, he's the only baby we'll be cloth one size it is. I had it all in Smartipants...the price was right, they were cute, one size and they were pocket diapers, so I would stuff them and Todd would have little to NO work set before him. Then I read a blog (one that I read rather religiously - Keeping up with us) and she wasn't using pocket diapers, or all in ones and suddenly the prefolds didn't seem so scary. I read and re-read her post about the prefolds and covers. I came to the conclusion, Todd can do prefolds. And we saved $200. seriously. We still have our Kushies for when we leave the house or he has to stay with someone who is scared of cloth and if he outgrows those, then I can replace with a few pocket one size diapers from Smartipants! Ok, So what did I go with you ask? I got 24 red edge green mountain prefolds, I got 3 duo wraps size 2 ( in mango orange, white and storm cloud - -the orange is really for me, the storm cloud for Todd and the white in case we need it to not be seen under his clothes) and we got 2 Mommys Touch Wraps (one in cow print and one in camo - - cow print for my cousin and I and camo for Todd) and one 3 pack of snappis. The package should be here Monday. Are you as excited as I am? I think I'm obsessed...Todd KNOWS I'm obsessed and it's all I want to think about. It's exciting and new! I regret not cloth diapering the big boys...especially since some are saying that disposables may be the reason infertility among men spiked 20 years after the introduction of disposable diapers. makes you think. Did you know there are 48 different chemicals laying against your babies skin when you use a disposable diaper. I'm not judging, especially since I use disposables with Ryan and it's all I used with Lane and Ethan. It just makes me sad that I didn't do more research about this stuff with the big boys.


FosterMama said...

Yay! You will be surprised at how easy it is. My husband doesn't even know how the pocket diapers work, lol! All he knows how to do is snappi a prefold or a flat around the babies and throw a cover on them! Try the bikini twist fold with your prefolds since your little guy has chubby thighs, he'll be more comfy. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!!