Friday, January 15, 2010

I work 2 blocks from my home for a reason!

Yesterday was a bad day. I had only had 2-3 hours of sleep and it was definitely shaping up to be bad. Just bad. At 3:00 I left the office to go to a home visit in a nearby town (St Marys), a 20 minute drive (to the other side of the small town). As I turned onto my destination road (10 more miles) I got a call, Rebecca. I thought Lane's sugar must be off. No, worse. much worse. The boys didn't get off the bus at her house like they're supposed to every Tuesday and Thursday when Todd is in school. There was a sub, maybe they're still on the bus. I called the school bus garage. Neither bus has them and they aren't at the school. This is one of my biggest fears in life. If they had been on the bus to go home then they had been dropped off 25 minutes earlier and there were lots of bad scenarios running through my mind. This was bad. I was hysterical. I called my Mom

me: *sob* WHERE ARE YOU *sob*
Mom: I'm coming, where are you?
me: *sob* the boys got off the bus at our house 25 minutes ago *sob sob sob* no one is there *sob sob sob*
Mom: I'm on my way.
hang up
two minutes later she calls back to tell me she and Landa are on their way, each going a different direction looking for them. Mom was with them within 5 minutes of us finding out there was a problem, Lane's sugar was 59, low but not the emergency it could have been. They had locked themselves in the back porch and were freaking out. They clung to Mom for the rest of the afternoon. They were scared but they were ok. *sigh* I have rarely been that scared as a parent and we've been through lots of scary times! Lane's first seizure (10 months old), Ethan jumping off the roof, Lane's diabetes diagnosis week, Lane's second seizure, Ethan's body temp dropping to 93 at 2 days old, Lane's third seizure, fourth and fifth. All very scary stuff! This was different, there was no one to tell us it would be ok, there was any number of things that could have happened! Twenty five minutes of unsupervised activities, they could have been in the road, they could have been taken, Lane could have had a seizure, his blood sugar could have plummeted, Ethan could have chased a cat into the road, he could have hurt himself jumping off of something else. There are just so many possibilities! Ugh!


Sarah said...

Thankfully none of those bad scenarios happened and they are ok. God is good!! Now maybe your heart will come back up to your chest instead of your stomach where it probably dropped to. I know the feelin, mom once called me when she came to my house and pick up my kids from our house where my mil was watching them. Mil and Chase were sleeping in the chair and she couldn't find Emma. I freaked out!! Luckily, Emma was in the bathroom asleep.