Thursday, February 4, 2010

I wanted to post about abortion.

But today is not the day for a post about abortion! My kids are being dedicated on March 14th (if you're in the area, join us!). So I went shopping with my Mom for a few things and while I was there I thought I'd pick up outfits for them to wear for their dedication. So I went to T.J Maxx but they didn't have anything I wanted for the big boys so we went to Childrens - Place and found the CUTEST outfits for the big boys...which just happened to match an outfit given to me by Sarah (thank you btw) for Easter this year! I can't wait for the pictures and for my boys to be dedicated! So we were talking about God parents and we have 3 couples we feel are very qualified for different reasons...we have other couples but these 3 are the finalists. We have Rebecca and Brian (my cousin and her husband)...they've been there for everything and will always be there for us, Rebecca is my best friend and they love my children. Laura and Aaron (best couple friends)...they have 4 boys younger than Lane and Ethan...they have a strength in faith that's hard to find, are smart and would lay down their lives for anyone (and have for us). Ron and Kelly (best couple friends)...they have one daughter who is 13 and were never able to have more children...they share a lot of the same qualities as Laura and Aaron...they love with their whole hearts! So we knew we had the right couples when we asked Lane and Ethan "if we couldn't talk to you about God and if we couldn't take you to church, who would take you?" Lane Michael immediately said "Cool Aunt Becca and Uncle Brian" and Ethan right behind him said "Uncle Aaron and Aunt Laura" these were the couples we had discussed for these boys. Kelly and Ron have a special place in their hearts for Ryan, they have him every chance and have actually stayed home from work to have him when I had to work...they are who we would pick for him. It was perfect. The only problem is that I have family that will be offended...devistated with our was different when the boys were first born, and people I chose wouldn't be who we'd choose now...I put people's feelings before the purpose of God parents. Todd refuses to do that...I appreciate that in him for something like this...if we ever needed the spiritual well being met by someone other than us, we know who would pull through....we also know who wouldn't...who would be too far away and who doesn't have the strength in faith....nothing against these people but our faith is very important to us and our children growing up with a strong sense of God is our number one priority! Enough business! This is a celebration! We are dedicating our children to God, to honoring God and to raising Godly men! This is exciting for us! For all of us! Wish us luck! We have to stand infront of the whole church with three little boys!


Sarah said...

oh man! I wish I could be there, we are leaving for vacation Saturday night the 13th!! I always miss the stuff I really want to see. Oh well, I will think of you guys often that day! And Todd is right, forget these peoples feelings, b/c it is whatever is best for your kiddos!!