Thursday, March 4, 2010

If I Could Do/Buy One Thing

I keep a list in my head of things I would do if I had the time and money. The first thing I would do is redecorate my home. The boys room is about where I want it...I would like a few pictures to hang on their walls but I can't think of anything I would do to their room right now (someday I would change the carpet but they're still too young and have a little brother coming in). Ryan's room is pink and when he moves out of the room I will make that my room (a guest room full of girl things). Our room has the potential to be beautiful but I haven't put anything on the walls, I would like to put something on the walls (pictures and such). I would like to take the wall paper out of the bathroom and paint it and redecorate it in similar colors to what it is now and maybe get a few decorations for it. I love my hall way wall paper (LOVE) and have it the way I like it. My kitchen is basically perfect for me right now. My dining room needs work, love my furniture but it needs painted and the carpet needs changed and new decorations. My living room needs work too...I'd like new furniture, carpet and paint which would lead to new decor. None of this can be accomplished any time soon but it's a dream! I think I'll start small and work my way up (or down actually since I will start with the bedrooms...the small projects). Lots to think about. Although I'm rethinking the new furniture in the living room. Our furniture was bought in Texas so we've had it for about 7 years and looking at furniture on line I can't find anything I like better than what I have. One thing I HATE about my house is my dog. He sheds CONSTANTLY and no amount of vacuuming will get it up! It's so frustrating! We plan on the vet shaving him this summer! So I think we will paint and when Ryan is bigger we will change the carpets. Todd wants a sectional so someday when we move we'll get a sectional, and until then we will make do with what we have! I wonder where I should start shopping for decorations for the boys Kohls? I can't wait to have their room organized!