Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Moral Compass

Preface this by saying I would like to be nice but I'm hurting for someone else so this may not sound nice or loving at all!

I think people are not only born with but also raised with a different moral compass. I think bad homes produce good people so I don't think we can always judge a person based on their family. In the same way we can't always expect a good home to produce good people. As parents, I think we carry a lot of guilt over this when sometimes the term "bad egg" rings true. But when someone you've known for years, someone who you know is capable of making good choices makes a catastrophic decision that could break up families and hurt children, it seems/feels like it's a choice to be a bad egg. Do you stand back and watch the destruction or do you step in, say something and wash your hands of the drama? I want to essentially erase people out of my life because of the drama and energy needed to maintain these relationships. I also know that I am high maintenance and offer little to a friendship (don't worry, I accept this as a temporary truth). But some behavior is unacceptable! I mean, what makes people act like they're the only people on earth who matter or who have feelings! Even the children don't matter!?!?! AH! Seriously, who does she think she is!?! I guess some people are just bad eggs and she chooses to be!


Sarah said...

So so so so TRUE!!! I don't like giving up on people, but I think I have got to wash my hands of this one. I really don't understand her decisions at all! All she is thinking about is me me me me. She isn't the only one affected by it. I really don't know what to say or do, so I guess I do and say nothing.