Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Fun!

Lane Michael and Ethan finished baseball 2nd place in the league! I'm so proud of them! Even at this age there is a draft so some coaches truly "stack" their teams and the team we were up against was stacked! They were excellent! All great ball players and our boys? The team that finished 3rd for the season, they gave them a run for their money! Our boys were younger and they were tired, it was their 4 straight night of ball but they played a good game and the ending score? 20 to 24. The other team won but they earned it.

And just 4 days after baseball ended, we started football! We didn't intend to play football this year. Wapak plays in a league that doesn't have a weight limit...our 50 and 60 pounders didn't stand a chance, but at one of the ball games a Dad was telling us about Uni football...boys over 125 lbs can't play, and they're first in the league for sportsmanship, they teach basics and fundamentals...everything we wanted in midget football. So this week has been filled with football camp....we've had SO much fun! Can't wait to see how they do at try outs next week!

Ryan is very nearly potty trained! He told me today that he needed his pants off so he could potty...and sure enough, he did! So proud! What a smart boy!

And finally, adoption. My family is perfect. I am busy and enjoying every minute with these kids. So why do I still feel the draw to adopt? Is it because no matter what there will always be this huge gaping whole in my family where Braden should be? That space will never be filled so will I continue to want more babies? Will I always feel the need to have more children? Because I don't want more kids...I want Braden back. ugh. I feel my heart being tugged but is it my own longing for B or is it God telling me my family isn't complete?