Friday, August 12, 2011

budget fail

Our life has been SO out of control lately that our budget has started to go out the window and we're just hanging on for dear life! It's been crazy! I usually start my budget every January, and I'm great with it until about for a good 6 months I am completely on the wagon...and then summer hits and I slack! My budget is so stupid proof that it's hard to keep up with because really I know every pay period what has to be paid...I have a check list and since I'm salary, I know what my income will be, so I know what gets paid and when it gets paid...I also have all of my bills (except my electric) on a budget plan so my heat bill is always $59 a month (including the summer), I know my phone bill is always $110 and my cable/internet is always $ get the point! So my medical bills were starting to stack up so it was time to pay them, I got wrote up the reimbursement form (for my medical expense account) and luckily it looks like we have enough to be fully reimbursed for all our medical bills so far this year. Phew because Lane Micahel has his big pannel of blood work at his appt on 8/31 and that usually means an endoscopy for him. But then Todd is DJing right now to bring in some extra cash and right now we're using that for school clothes and supplies and Christmas gifts. I'm so proud of Todd and the changes he's made in his financial if I could just stop the nickel and diming we both do! LOL