Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Child Care Plan

The people we have chosen to leave our kids with are kind, patient, capable people. They are qualified to handle medical situations and high stress environments.
Child care programs should offer structure, stability and age appropriate education. I would also insist the staff be qualified to handle medical and emergency situations.
As we both work outside the home, we have a child care provider here in town. Julie is kind, loving, and patient. She has cared for our own children for nearly 3 years. During summers, since Todd is a student, and hopes to teach, he right now has summers off, so our children are home with him.
Lynne’s mother is an alternative care provider for their children for date nights and in emergency situations.
If any of our children are sick, Lynne usually takes the day off work to stay home with that child, unless Todd is available that day (currently Tuesday and Thursday he is home through the day and has evening classes).
Currently in our area, we have our child care provider (Julie Hoelscher), New Beginnings (a daycare/preschool) and the YMCA, along with several other available facilities in the area.