Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Philosophy Part 4

Morals and values:

We hope to instill so many of the Christian morals and values into our children, helping them to become good, loving men. Beyond that, we are working to instill honestly, integrity, service to others, self respect and hard work. We hope they’re honest, not only to us, but to their significant others, each other and most of all to themselves. Our family has made hobbies and careers from serving others, working as police men, charity work, and a service officer, not to mention a long line of military service, it’s important not just to us but for society. Self respect is a value that sadly seems to have gone by the way side in children and young adults. So many young men don’t care enough about their appearance to pull their pants up, wear a belt, get a haircut or use the English language properly, but this isn’t a problem exclusive to guys, young women have stopped dressing appropriately and acting like young ladies. We also want our children to know hard work, we want them be to know the feeling of going to bed tired, and appreciating the fruits of their labor, but not just physical labor, but hard work academically, to reach their full potential.