Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Moving Ahead

Todd and I don't see ourselves as movers but I guess we are. We seem to move more often than most. We lived in Texas then moved to the farm. We stayed there from 2003-2007. We moved to our current home in 2007 and already we're thinking of moving. We want to be back in the country (really regretting selling our farm if we're just going to move again). We need something with enough land to have a garden, a couple farm animals and a decent sized yard, we need enough house for our family of 7 (5 when the girls move on), and I'm in a place in life where I'd like it to be pretty. We aren't finding much by way of houses in the area we want, meeting all our needs. There is one property we've been watching for years. literally...over 3 years. The house at one time was in decent shapte, 3 outbuildings, over an acre and a half. The house has since been ruined (no longer has any siding), and the property has just really taken a hit. In one of the out buildings is an apartment. 4 bedrooms, 1 bath. Has a lot of potential. So with this property we would have fix up the apartment, then move into that while selling our current home. After selling our home, we would build a new house on that property, and tear down the house that's no longer any good. Then there's this other property, it's listed for $72,000, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, 4 car attached garage. Lots of potential, off the beaten back, 1.16 acres, and one small barn. This house has been empty for 2 years or so, the kitchen is gorgeous! The downstairs bath is...going to need toilet, bath, shower just don't do it for me. The living room is big and has this HUGE stone fireplace, and a small office just off it. The downside? upstairs are 2 skylights. that are leaking. the house will need a new roof before anyone can move in...and a few new windows. and the laundry room will need to move to the 1st floor since the one upstairs is gross...and small. but that's fine. I'm becoming more invested in this property as time goes on. So the plan for this house would be to replace the roof and window before moving in, then make the big living room into our bedroom and the small office would be an office. the dining room would be our living room for now and the breakfast nook would be the dining area. Ethan would have his own room, the girls the middle size room and Ryan and Lane Michael the biggest room. Make the laundry room into a closet and the pantry into the laundry room. Move into it, sell our place, then when we've sold our current home, we would remodel the 4 car garage into a 2 car garage and in the small storage room, put a mud room with a shower and toilet (it shares a wall with the kitchen so that's doable). So we would still have a 2 car attached garage and Todd would add an additional building out back as a work shed. update they just lowered the price from $72,000 to $64,800. Hope it stays on the market till we're ready to buy!


Anonymous said...

Wow, even with a ran down house and outbuildings..that is amazingly cheap. You could not purchase an acre of just barren land where we live that for that. Haha. We are considering moving to Oklahoma when this is all over. We almost did before we build our house but changed our minds cause the jobs were not quite as good. Cheap land though!