Thursday, February 7, 2013

God Speaking

So today as I'm driving to work (I have to take the girls 10 minutes out of town, swing back into town to drop Ryan at preschool, then across town to drop off the bigs then back across to go to work), after dropping off the bigs, I turned on the radio and was going to change it but didn' had background static and was a little hard to hear but it was a man speaking. And he spoke about how when we fall into trials, as Christians we are not being tested but that's our chance to shine. That when we have cancer, or a wayward child, it's not that we have done something wrong it's that God is giving us a chance to show the world the difference in how we handle situations, the difference between Christians and those who don't have Christ in their life. It was an AMAZING "sermon" and I thought "man he is talking to me" and all those who are going through tough times or have gone through tough times. then I went to find what station I was on. Somehow the radio had been switched from fm to am and was on a station like 72...but I couldn't find the station again after I had switched from it. He really was talking to me


Anonymous said...

That message really was for you then if you could not tune in later to that station.