Thursday, February 21, 2013

Progress - or changes?

I can't post specifics, but things are happening in the girls case. Things that will mean changes...of course we knew eventually one of 3 things would happen: 1. the girls would go home (this is and should be the goal of foster care - to allow children to be raised by their parents as long as it is safe) 2. the girls would go to a family member or friend (kinship placement) - this allows the children to remain in their biological family - I used to support this, I'm now building a real opinion that is more detailed than I would like to go into today. 3. the girls don't go anywhere - this may mean adoption. Foster care is hard, regularly the hardest part is the up's and down's of visits (more downs than ups it seems but I digress), but then once in a while, pops up questions about the girls future, and an always pending "other shoe", and you know it's always there, like a shadow in the room and sometimes that shadow is an elephant. Elephant days are case reviews (once every 3 months), homevisits (every other month), and when mom or dad really do something big (good or bad). That's when things get hard....because it means change is coming. And right now, change is coming. Maybe not for us, or our girls...but it's coming and it will affect someone. We just don't know who all is under this umbrella of change. Well I wrote the above post on the 20th but since I was posting about debt on the 20th I decided to hold this post in drafts until today to post. Turns out, that was for good reason. More information has developed and OH MY! I have a private blog where I am writing specifics. But I just pray for the girls Mom and Dad, for salvation and above all else, for God's will to be done!