Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Sunday morning we woke the kids at 6 am, dressed them, did the girls hair, loaded our food and necessities of the day and headed out the door by 6:50 (just in time to be 5 minutes late to Sunrise Service). It was such a celebration of Christ's rising! and returned home well after dark, fell into our beds and slept. and in between sunrise and sunset? we played, we talked, we ate. we stopped shortly to talk about "the real meaning of Easter" to reflect on the "sacrifice Christ made for us" but I am feeling lately the weight of God's hand on my heart. The tightness in my chest, knowing there are changes I have to make in my family. The Easter Bunny, nothing malicious or mean. But Easter is such a Holy day...the bunny seems to take so much from the day. I have nothing against rabbits, they seem nice enough. kids seem to like them. soft fur. whatever. my hope isn't to offend anyone but more these are my own convictions and the way I see MY family going. I want my children to know not just the key phrases used on Easter but have a trued grasp of the magnitude of the situation and love and respect what Christ did for us. This HOLYday is more than enough without fouling it up with rabbits. Like I said, this isn't meant to hurt anyone or offend anyone, its just how I feel my heart being lead.