Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sleeping Arrangements...

Our kids have the “master bedroom” when we moved in the room was done in flowers, so a few months after we had moved in (and our boys had slept in said flowered room) my cousin and I put up a sports border. Todd and I share a much smaller room but I’ve never understood parents having the largest bedroom, I often tell my boys to go play in their room…I never play in my room, and so all I need is a space to sleep and space for my clothes…other than that, I’m good. So the boys each have a bed with a sports theme that my Mom hand painted for them, they each have a dresser (also hand painted by my Mom) and a night stand. For the last year we have been convinced we would be adopting a baby girl, so I painted the room pink, and I don’t mean a pale pink that could easily be coated with some Kilz and a neutral, no I mean a vibrant, jump out and grab you pink! I want my girl to be a GIRL! But now that we have decided to have a biological child (adoption has been set back a few years), we aren’t guaranteed a girl…in fact, we’re more likely to get a boy, and we love the idea of all boy all the time, we also love the idea of two boys and a girl! We’d be happy with either…but with me not finding out what we’re having, we can’t paint the nursery at 22 weeks, we’ll have to wait….but I’m not sure I want a boy to go to his own room…I’m considering making the nursery into an office and a place to read bed time stories…if we have a boy, I’d like to keep him in our room until he’s 3-6 months, then put him in the boys room, buy a set of bunk beds, have them painted with sports and have the kind that can be detached and set individually, put a crib where one of the beds now sits and keep all of my boys together. The baby will obviously go to bed early than Lane Michael and Ethan, so we would put pajamas and bed time stories in the office, where I’d like to have a couch, so that I have a place to sit and read with them in the evenings before bed. They go to bed well and it’d have to be a rule that once they’re in their room there is no talking (with a baby monitor I’m able to listen). But I don’t want the baby to wake them too early and I would rather have the twins up and ready before waking the baby…so we might have to paint the nursery a neutral color to have an office after baby is moved into the big boy room. Ok in the end maybe I over think everything before it needs to be thought about! Maybe I should wait until we’re in the situation before I go making long run-on blogs about where each of my children will sleep and whether we should finish the attic for a sitting room for the kids someday…which I doubt we’ll do but it’s fun to think about! There are changes I’d like to make to the house…like the wallpaper on the ceiling in the bathroom…it sounds crazy and hillbilly but I promise, it’s beautiful, but it’s over the bath tub and the steam is making the seams of the wall paper come lose in spots, so I think we’re going to put a wood tongue and groove ceiling up (the tub surround is tongue and groove wood), and the wall paper in the living room is starting to give at the seams, so I need to glue it back down….just minor things…the basement bathroom is small so there’s some work I’d like to do there, but it’s all in the future and nothing needs done right now! For right now, I’m just going to enjoy life as it comes!


Jessa Fee said...

I really like your idea of the kids having the master bedroom. Ourb oys do play in their room a lot, mostly to do things that little sister tears apart like Hot Wheels tracks and little LEGOS. Our bedroom set is ginormous furniture though, and it wouldn't fit in one of the other tow bedrooms-- we'd have to have a sleeping room and dressing room! I am glad that foster home rules require a certian amount of space for kids, but our daughter would be perfectly happy to sleep in her crib at the foot of our bed. The law doesnt' allow her to be in our room or for one of use to sleep in her room after 18 months. I can understand the reason for the rules but think they ought to be able to make an exception with an infant in a foster-adoption situation since many adoptive parents cosleep to enhance bonding.

Anyway, I didn't know you were putting adoption on the back burner. I say don't change the room until you know if you're having a boy. I wish you the best with conceiving a girl. Have you tried charting? I love the book taking Charge of Your Fertility, but NFP didn't work for us. Son 2 was conceived early in my fertile phase and he should have been a girl but obviously he wasn't.