Monday, March 9, 2009

Calling ALL Moms!

The temper tantrum has returned to our house and has taken up residency in my children! My normally calm, fun, easy going children are suddenly not fun calm or easygoing! They are easily over whelmed by noise and commotion, they want what they want and will scream at you to get it....Todd and I haven't spoiled our children, they have all the normal behaviors but I thought we were past this stage for sure! Ethan has become fussy and sad and Lane angry if denied their wants....I was hoping this would be a short lived stage but it's turning out to be a very unwanted house guest. Life has been mildly crazy for a few weeks and I'm hoping that soon life will go back to normal and maybe my children will follow....but until then, they must stop screaming, crying and fussing at me....I insist! If anyone has any suggestions, I would REALLY appreciate them! How did you get rid of the temper tantrum when it came to live at your house....please remember that my children are WAY TOO OLD TO BE TANTRUMMING!!!!


Sarah said...

If you figure it out, let me know your secret, b/c I'm sure I will get to that stage! lol

obladi oblada said...

One thing that I have heard works well, but have yet to try it myself, for reasons Im not really aware of, is to throw yourself down next to the child on the floor and throw your own tantrum. Itll stop them dead in their tracks, or so Ive been told!