Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Winter Blues to Spring Fever....

I don't actually get the winter blues...I don't prefer one season over the others...I enjoy them all individually...but just about a month before each change of season I get the itch....a desire to see the change and do all the things that go with the upcoming season, so as you can imagine there are a few things I'm ready for....spring cleaning and (a new found interest) gardening! So much needs done in my house that I've been too tired/busy/lazy to do lately and with Spring right around the corner I'm ready to get started...I'll make my list and this weekend I'll begin with the rooms we don't use often or the rooms that I can get done over this two day period (I haven't done my list yet but I'm thinking the basement storage room, laundry room and bathroom and then also the nursery). As for gardening...well this is a first for me! I've never had a garden of my parents used to put out a large garden that fed us all summer long and provided pickles for the year....I have lots of goals but this year I'm starting small....I want to put out tomatoes (plenty of tomatoes), melons, pumpkins, squash, zucchini, green beans and maybe some strawberries. My yard isn't big enough for a garden but my Mom's is....I'm not up for tearing up her yard so instead I'll put it behind her barn (out of sight and good soil). Our first step is to clear the berry bushes and weeds from back there, then we'll rent a tiller and I'll bribe Todd into tilling up the land for me (I would do it but I'll be pregnant and not up to it)...after that we'll put in the posts for the vining plants to climb and then we'll plant....some of it is already started in my Mom's kitchen by the window....I have a perfect place to start my garden in boxes and then transplant but I'm rather cheap and (quite frankly) don't want to heat the porch for the rest of winter...maybe someday I can figure something else out but until then I'll buy starts from the local garden center. I know this is a big undertaking this summer and with having a baby right in the middle of it, it'll be interesting if I actually get to work in it very long but this is something I've been wanting to do for a long time now....besides with the help of Lane and Ethan it may go very smoothly....otherwise we're just wasting lots of time, money and energy! But boy am I ready! I've started my research, now all I need is the weather to give long enough to get out there and start working!