Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is that not the funniest thing you've ever seen! HAHA He reminds me of those pictures of dogs with the giant head and itty bitty bodies! LOL I can't get over it! Man I love this kid!

What a weekend! Friday night we went out to the H's house to spend some time with good friends eating great food! We played spoons, and laughed harder than we have in a long time! It was a much larger group than usual so not as intimate but still fun! Lots of small children running wildly across the acres of land! Saturday was an absolute disaster! It started out ok but slowly one thing after another went wrong...but mainly, I spilled paint on my sun porch floor and we had a tree limb fall and take out some power lines! Yuck! The power company got us fixed up but the whole tree (maybe both) will have to come down. But Saturday night was great! We went to my brothers house to play cards and celebrate my nephews 16th birthday! Happy Birthday Cody! (I love that kid). But we got home late and (get this) 5 minutes after I started a load of diapers, I realized my boys had no clean jeans for Easter, so I had to wait up for the diapers to finish washing, to throw in the jeans but had to wait up for those to finish washing so I could put them in the dryer (it was 3 when I finally went to bed). Up at 6:20 for sunrise service, and a great of the best ever...maybe THE best! Everyone behaved, no children required any discipline, candy was plentiful and so was family! I think we may have outgrown my Grandma's house! We're just too big! LOL we had 32 people total (18 adults, 3 teens, 1 preteen, 8 kids, and 2 babies otherwise known as a full house!) At any rate it was a great day! The kids played outside almost the whole time....all except Lane Michael who isn't really into nature...I asked him "Lane Michael, why aren't you outside?" He said "Mom there's lots of grass and trees...and well outside out there. I want to be in where there is no dirt, grass, trees." LOL Strange little kid!