Monday, April 26, 2010

Full Moon!

I don't know how much to tell about my full moon kind of weekend. It all started Friday night, we had Schwieterman family fun night...all was going well, kids were eating then Lane Michael asked to play the Wii, I told him maybe later but it would be up to Cool Aunt Becca. After him asking about 3 times, I told him not to ask again. He asked 2 more times, I told him the next time he asked I was calling his dad to come get him. He asked again. I got out my phone an called his Dad, just as I got out my phone my Mom said to him "Oh come on Lane Michael, lets go find something fun to do" and his head spun (I swear it was exorcist style). He screamed and yelled and ran out of the room where I kept him until his dad showed up, then he yelled at Todd the whole way home, and was asleep within minutes of being sent to his room! He needed sleep but he needed to not act that way! I don't know what I could have done differently and I think he may be very spoiled...this may be my fault. I'm very protective of Lane Michael and so it's hard for me when he acts like's not him. But it's also not the diabetes...he's exhausted...but he can't act like this! I don't know what to do! I have tried lots of different coping mechanisms and he knows the behavior is bad and that he shouldn't act that way...he just doesn't know how to control it in the moment. Then 10 minutes later my aunt got a call that her FIL had passed away (he had cancer). So we did a quick clean up and packed up and headed home.
Saturday morning started off ok...we were working in the boys room (cleaning, rearranging, organizing) when my Mom called...something went down in Urbana and she had to go...I don't know the whole story but it sounds like things between my brother and sister in law may have gotten ugly and bad...she moved out...maybe temporarily, maybe permanently but who knows at this point...they have court today (Monday)....I will pray.
Then my aunt called my Mom...apparently my uncle died on April cousin was in town when he died and no one invited them to the my aunt two cousins and his only grand daughter didn't get to go to the funeral. They're so sad. It was their last chance at feeling reconciled. Their last chance at a peaceful good bye or final memory. And that was stolen from them. Very sad. Who does that to their sister? Who is that heartless? Death of a loved one brings out the worst in people.
Man what a weekend. But today is Monday and I insist people start acting like grown ups again!