Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So Maybe Not

My neice called last night. First phone call from her in...months. Maybe more. When we're around she stays in her room so it was strange that I'd get a call. She and Alicia are having a commitment ceremony. I've never met Alicia. My Mom has never met Alicia. hm. I'm confused. I thought this might be a phase. I disagree with her decision and I'm not sure I can support a union that is against God. I just don't know....I guess if I knew Alicia or had seen them together and how happy they make each other...but I've never met her and Allie is never happy when I see her...I'm very confused by all of this. She says she's excited and happy. But who knows.

I found out more about the Urbana throw down. SIL was removed from the home, but is back and asking for help. Brother is allowing her to move home. I'm scared for him. I'm worried about her. I want them to be safe and I want them to be the couple that we see when we are there. Very sad.

My sister has a job interview in North Carolina this week. I have very mixed feelings about this...she is hoping that the money is worth the move...but she just took a job cut by about a third...she used to run 3 papers and now she runs 2....which is a huge pay cut...she's a single Mom so money is already probably tight compared to what they're used to. My family is going through one of the roughest periods we've seen. and we've seen some hard times together. I will pray.


Sarah said...

I will pray too.