Friday, February 25, 2011


We should have done this MONTHS ago. Ethan started Ritalin (I know I said something earlier but now I want to update how it's going). He started it on the 9th and I can't even begin to describe the difference we've seen. He's still the same sweet Ethan, still active, energetic, fun, loving. But now, he's also confident, he smiles differently after school. It isn't just happy to be home but it's an obvious feeling of success.

Homework is no longer a chore, he doesn't spend 2 hours of his evening doing homework. He spends 30 minutes sitting and then he has the rest of his evening to himself. He walks in the door and instead of asking to do it later, he gets it out (without being prompted). He sits at the bar and reads to me, before I sat with him and struggled through every. single. word. But now, he asks for help on maybe 3 words in the whole book. His spelling tests have done a 180, instead of missing every word, he might miss 3 on the first day and the day before the test, he rarely misses any! He's always been good at math but now he can even read the instructions and it only takes him a few minutes to complete the whole work sheet!

At school, he used to lose recess time to finish his class work and most of his papers were done with the teachers assistance but now, he works independently and is able to complete his work on time, and he's now the first done with math and has only missed one answer since being on medications.

Our school does something called a weekly assessment. This is a weekly test taken independently testing reading, math and other crucial scores. Ethan's test scores have not just improved, they've improved 100%!!! If he was getting a 42% before, it's not an 86%, and that was the lowest grade on the assessment!! 3 of his scores were 100%!!! I see a bright future ahead for this boy!

However I could kick myself for not putting him on the meds before now!


FosterMama said...

That's wonderful! Don't beat yourself up about not starting sooner- sounds like he is doing great now!

Sarah said...

That is awesome!! I am so glad to hear that Ethan is excelling to beautifully!! How was you to know that the meds would work so great! You are him on them now and he has a bright future ahead of him!! YAY!!!