Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spontaneous weekend!!

This weekend I had plans with my sister to take all the kids to Chuck E Cheese. We figured the kids could run and play and do while we got a chance to catch up. The original plan was for me to load up all my kids after church, and drive to Urbana where we’d meet sister and her kids, get in the car and drive to Springfield. Perfect. So after church I loaded all the kids into the car, stopped at my Grandma’s for coupons and as I was getting back in the car I got a text from sister “Does 3 work for you?” It couldn’t work that late, my kids had school the next day and needed to be in bed by 8:30, we would be 2 hours from home so we’d have to leave by 6:30 if not earlier and sister’s kids wouldn’t be ready to go by then. So I asked her to come to our C.E.C. because that could work, we could leave at 8 and I’d have my kids in bed by 8:30….no luck, I assume she got a better offer but wasn’t willing to drive here, we’d have to go to her. I was bummed, so of course I handled it like any mature woman in her late 20’s would handle it. I pouted. Todd offered to do fun things, and movies and popcorn and buy toys for the kids, and go shopping…he tried so hard, I was having none of it…I was pouting (it was sad really). Then he did something that shocked us both. He walked to the dining room, stood for a moment looking reflectively at the walls, reached up, grabbed a piece of wall paper and ripped. *gasp* it came off in one clean strip, then a second…I started to help but he shew’d me out the door, Ryan in hand with instructions to return with plaster and paint chips. Here is the before:

(You kind of have to look behind the table and Ryan as I have no real before pictures)

Thirty minutes later we were sitting in a pile of paint chips and room idea cards, weeding out the definite “no”s and hanging on to the “maybe”s…holding them up to see what we thought. I wanted blue, Todd didn’t, he wanted green, I didn’t….one thing was for sure, we wanted color…no more drab, we’d lived in drab long enough and we were done with it! Finally he held up a taupe and a green…he liked one, I liked the other, and underneath it, was a room idea card, it was the taupe we liked, with a green that was a mix of the ones we each liked. Perfect. To Lowes! Drop cloths, rollers and brushes oh my! Primer and Taupe and Green! We spent the rest of the evening priming the walls while the kids watched movies and entertained themselves, by ll:00 the primer was on (it covered nice and thick), the next morning the boys had school but I was off work, so Todd got up early, put Ryan in our bed with me and readied the boys for school, when I finally came down at about 8:00 he had half the room edged!! Amazing! And by bed time Monday night our dining room looked like this: