Friday, February 18, 2011

Credit Card Debt Free

Todd and I rearranged some things and decided that instead of putting all the vacation money into a savings that will earn little to no interest while we pay interest on credit cards, we would pay off the credit cards and save up for the vacation. We need $1500 and already have $300, so in $1200 we can take our vacation! I'm not sure if we'll go in May as originally planned...I'm not completely comfortable with pulling everyone out of school...maybe instead we'll go closer to the end of summer as people start to get would also put a few more months on Ryan which at this age could make a huge difference in how he fairs. At any rate, we are now credit card debt free! WOOT WOOT! Now we're just a 4 wheeler away from all our small debts being paid off and only having Todd's truck loan to battle!


Tammy said...

We figured out that with part of our tax returns we can pay off our last credit card, too. DH almost cried. Now we can take the money we've been paying on it each month and save some serious cash! It is such a blessing! Congratulations!