Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fell Off the Wagon

humph. This weekend we fell of the financial budgeting wagon and *gasp* ate out twice! Not only that but then...we REALLY fell of the wagon! We bought paint for our dining room ($150). Which set us behind by $150. So now our pay off plan looks like this:

$259 Dr. M
$210 Dayton Childrens
$307.60 LMPC
$50.00 FSH
$390.00 Torey
$167.53 Dayton Childrens
8.78 JTDMH
(total of $1392.91)

$3237.06 credit card
$3252.73 credit card
(total of $6489.79

$800.00 savings

total of $8682.70, we will have about $250 of medical bills to pay and paint to buy for the living room (about $100) which leaves about $1000 "lost" or frivolously spent. Oops. Back to the bandwagon we go. I am happy with the progress we made and fairly confident we can avoid using credit cards in the future...this isn't a change we've been able to make over's work and constant struggle with our human nature, but we're getting there slowly (very slowly).

On that note, Todd is thinking about driving this summer to "help the cause" We're hoping he can drive truck part time and earn enough to pay off the ATV, add to the savings and pay for the vacation. Now he just has to find time to apply for the job!