Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Fortunate Turn of Events.

I see God's hand working in our lives. So what the title actually really reads is "A Blessed Turn of Events"
I will admit that I am blessed. I am a lot like my father in that I can fall in a big vat of poop and come out smelling like a rose. It began early, getting pregnant with twins, I married Todd...before we even really knew each other...God blessed us...neither one of us turns into an ogre...often. Then when Todd fell 18 could have been worse. When we needed a buyer for the farm, not one, but 2 buyers fell into our willing to pay significantly more than the other. When we were ready to sell the trailor, a buyer literally came from no where and bought it. When we were ready for Todd to go back to school but not ready to make that leap, he was laid off. We have never had a tragedy that God didn't bring us through and he's always set us in a better place afterwards. So I have no doubt that if moving to this farm is his will, he'll help us make it happen. So today, when I called to pay off a medical bill that was ready to go to collections (I'm not proud of this but I was fighting with the hospital. whatever), I called and told the lady what I needed and she said that it hadn't gone on my credit report...and in fact, they had never sent anything to my credit report. *good news* I think I have decent credit but haven't had it pulled recently to know. Then I called Dayton Childrens and found out that the bills I was getting ready to pay for $154 and $200 were not billed properly and we won't owe anything! Not only that, but the bill I paid last month for $167 should be refunded! More good news! God does not work in mysterious ways and always answers our prayers...sometimes his answer is just "no"
We talked to the boys over the last couple of days and explained that they're going to have to go to the smaller bedroom soon and Ryan will move to our room...they were ok with it. *shock* We also explained they'll probably lose their playroom...again met with good attitudes and finding the bright side!
Then we dropped the bomb...we can't go on vacation until our house sells. Met with...more good attitudes...and "maybe we can go camping" "can we go to Tennessee"..."can we give you our allowance to help get the new house?" This one made my heart swell...they didn't ask if they could help pay for vacation...they just want the other house...they are such good boys. I talked to the hotel and they said we've got about a year to use our vacation package...hopefully, we can benefit from this...but if we can't, maybe we can offer it to someone else. I'm so proud of these boys! And right now, life is good!


FosterMama said...

Sounds like you are doing a WONDERFUL job with your boys, mama!