Thursday, March 31, 2011

Temporary Sacrifices...

And God's plan unfolding (we hope *grin) Since we never know what God's plan is for our life, we can only assume that the opportunities laid out for us time and again, are God's way of smacking us in the face with his plan. (did you see that in your head the way I saw it in mine?) I won't pretend to know exactly where He is leading us but I see that the temporary sacrifices we're making are leading us to someplace...better. This all started with Todd being laid off from driving in summer 2009, it lead him to go back to school full time to get his teaching license, which led to him being available to help one of my clients move last summer where he caught the first glimpse of our next house (I think that was God's first attempt at trying to open our eyes to this home - - I remember asking Todd if it was a house we'd want but at that time it was perfect for someone in my family so we backed off, they have since bought a different house more perfect for them). Then just a few weeks later as my Mom and I were headed out of town, she stopped to talk to a friend, who mentioned that Todd and I should look at...that same house. Mom and I drove out there that day and I was HOOKED! It was perfect, well it could be perfect, we could make it perfect! But after talking it over, Todd and I agreed we couldn't be ready to move/sell in time to buy this house off the foreclosure list...and we let it go, instead focusing on making our house "ours". Then last month, (I don't remember how it all started) but Todd looked up the owner, called him and inquired about the place. It's worth our time to try and buy this place. So this summer, to make things happen Todd decided he'd go back to work (part time). Yesterday Todd took his afternoon to go look for a job...and will start work the second week in May. God does not work in mysterious ways. So our children will go back to spending their summers at a sitters or with the daycare...but it's a temporary sacrifice. One we feel will benefit our family enough to sacrifice one summer for...we'd like to pay off the 4 wheeler (since that and the blazer our only 2 remaining debts) and save up a down payment, we'd also like to get the house on the market (we'd like to do that before May but have so much work to do on's praying).