Monday, March 7, 2011

Kids Ruin Careers

If you struggle with infertility, this may not be the post for you. Please don't read this if you are struggling...I love my children and wouldn't trade them for anything in the whole world...but lets face it, they aren't good for careers!
I work in a 3 man office. When D is out, no one can fill his shoes, when S is out, no one can fill her shoes and when I'm out, no one can fill my shoes. We all have very particular roles and while I can do the things they do, I can not step in and know the circumstances behind each veteran. S took 2 weeks off for vacation in Florida (I'm so happy she was able to spend this time with her sister and it seems to have been really good for her). D also had a lot going on while she was gone, work done on a vehicle, his puppy getting "fixed"...this and that. And it just turns out that it was Todd's first week of student teaching, which left me the primary parent. Tuesday of last week, our sitter wasn't able to take Ryan...I had to call off work, Wednesday the boys were home sick so I was about 10 minutes late because I had to take them to my Mom. Thursday Ethan had to be picked up at about 9:30 because he got sick...I had a 10:00 appointment with a client, so I had to run to the school, then take him to my Mom...I was about 5 minutes late for my appointment. Friday went well. Then Monday (today) Lane Michael spilled juice on himself and needed new clothes, and Ethan had to be picked up because he was still sick. Thank God Todd was able to get him and I didn't even have to tell D and S about it...I love my co-workers but D gets irritated if I have to run an errand for my kids (weird).

Don't get me wrong...I love my kids and wouldn't change or trade them for the world and I know that motherhood is a 24/7 job, I love and appreciate the gift it is to be their Mom...I just hope I'm still able to build my career while being the best Mom I can be!