Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Talked to the Realtor

Todd talked to the realtor...a house recently sold similar to our house. Right now, she thinks we could get out for what we owe but finishing the renovations could allow us to walk away with a profit. We (Todd) have finished the paint job in the living room and the dining room. Our next step is to clean the living room carpet and the immediately pull it up (it's in great condition so my aunt is taking enough to carpet her great room until they finish the house and then after construction is done she can replace it with whatever she likes. After finishing the hardwood floors, we'll move to the basement (get rid of the dryer, the treadmill, the couch, and other random useless furniture), pull up the carpet and paint the floor with floor carpet. We'll then move the playroom down there, paint the playroom to be the big boys bedroom, paint our room to be Ryan's bedroom and paint the boys bedroom to be our room. It sounds like a is a lot. I don't know how fast we'll be able to get it done. If we aren't able to get this house sold in time to get the new place before it goes to foreclosure (which is a real possibility) then we'll hope to sell in time to buy it at the foreclosure. We may have to get a small apartment between this house and the next. We know this is all far fetched but we also know God can throw mountains into the sea so He certainly can make this move happen. If it's His will.