Friday, August 26, 2011

A Busy Evening...

makes for a perfect morning.

Last night after work (I get off at 4:30) I went to the sitters, picked up Lane Michael, Ethan and Ryan, went home, microwaved dinner (which I had fixed over my lunch break), got the bigs into football uniforms, we all ate, got in the car and headed to football. While at football I chased Ryan, talked with the other football moms, chased Ryan some more and finally was able to sit and relax while Ryan ate popcorn. After practice, the coach approached me asking whose parent I am, he proceeded to tell me that Ethan had found his niche and while Lane Michael was doing well, Ethan had finally figured out the game and was an animal! He had finally figured out that you're supposed to hit people, that's what football is! HAHAHA so glad he finally figured it out and Lane Michael was so proud of him! Lane Michael is excellent at baseball so he loves that Ethan excels at football (which just makes me so proud). Anyway, after practice the concession stand gave everyone a hot dog so with bed snack in hand we headed home. Everyone grabbed a shower and since Ethan had his sleep aid before his shower, it started to kick in as we were sitting on the couch reading. Both boys were very ready for bed when they finally got there! After they headed to bed, I set out clothes for Ryan, started a load of laundry, got out morning meds, packed lunches and got the coffee pot ready for morning. All that made this morning run like clock work. Everyone got up, got dressed, ate, had meds, and I was able to have coffee on the front porch before getting Ryan out of bed. With Todd in Findlay 2 nights a week and those 2 nights being football nights, this is how much of my fall will go.

Monday we have football but Todd will be around to fix dinner and do homework

Tuesday and Thursday we have football and I'm flying solo, so it's homework, dinner, football, bed, prep for next morning, head myself to bed

Wednesday and Friday no football and probably no homework (we're lucky to live in a community that doesn't have homework or sports on Wednesdays because of church)

Starting early September, we'll have football games on Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon.

My Mom is concerned that Sunday afternoon sports interferes with grandparents time...she works most Sundays....I'm conflicted on whether or not to say "you work Sunday, what do you care?" or just leave it alone. We can still make it to her house Sunday evening for our Sunday evening dinner...I think I'll leave it alone, and just still make that dinner a priority.

I think we can keep this pace, as long as use our time wisely. If I do a good clean on weekends, and get laundry put away, I can wash it every day and keep it folded, clean as I go, cook on my lunch so that I can microwave supper, do crock pot meals and just be as efficient as possible...and go to bed plenty early so that when I'm up I'm able to be moving and doing. I actually have felt really good the last couple days from going to bed a little earlier than usual....plenty of energy which isn't my normal!