Monday, January 30, 2012

Mama Said...

My Mom knows really knows me. Gets me. We are very tied to each other emotionally. (Yah yah, I know, cut the apron strings). So when I told her early on in life that I wanted to adopt and be a foster parent she always responded with "take care of the kids in your home first". Finally this weekend I took the opportunity to explain to her that we are caring for our children first. Lane Michael has a lot going on medically. Always will. I need him to see adoption as a tangible option in growing his family. I need him to know that he can love someone without being biologically connected to that person. I need him to see that it is possible to have a family without contributing to their genetic make up. I want this for all of my children but specifically for Lane Michael. All of his "stuff" is genetic, and could be passed to his children or their children. All of the things he faces are also linked with infertility, he may never be ABLE to have kids of his own. So, like I've always said, God does not work in mysterious ways. He just doesn't. He gave Todd and me a heart for foster and adoption, I think it's best if we use it! And after explaining all of this to my Mom, I think she understood where we're coming from.