Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Made the Call

To the next county over (up)...I asked if living in a different county was a problem and the CW said absolutely not, that we aren't the first and when I explained why I didn't want to be licensed with our county, she said that was understandable and actually a good decision. She asked the ages of us and our children, how long we've been married and what ages we'll accept...when I told her I won't take anyone older than Ryan she seemed to agree with keeping people in age order. She asked if we are willing to accept sibling groups, I told her that I doubted there would be many sibling groups all under the age of 2...she said we'd be surprised so I agreed but told her that Todd couldn't transport everyone in his vehicle, she said we could decide later. She asked if we're only interested in adoption or if we're interested in fostering...I told her fostering with potential adoption. Asked how many bedrooms (3) and said she'd get the packet in the mail today.

Here we go again! We might be crazy!


Sarah said...

You guys can totally do it!! I'm so happy for you guys!! Hopefully the process is an amazing one!!

FosterMama said...

So exciting! Hope your experience is as great as ours has been!