Friday, January 27, 2012

God is Opening Doors


We called Next county to get the pre-certification class schedule.
The schedule for classes was compact and only a few weeks long...because they have classes Tuesday and Thursday evenings and then again on Saturdays.
That won't work for us. Todd has class (like real college type classes) on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
So I called Next county to see if we need all the pre-cert classes or since we've been through them before if we could just take certain classes and maybe even have me go and Todd miss the ones on Tuesdays and Thursdays. After I explained the problem to her, she asked if we'd consider pulling our application. um. no. Let's see if we can't find another way around it and then if there are no other options, we can pull our application.
So I called My County to see if I can take their training and what the schedule is. My County faxed the schedule over immediately. Turns out, the classes are Saturdays only from 9-4, none of them fall on weekends that we have anything else planned, including Todd's drill schedule. Also our date of Application in January 6, and the classes end June 2, so we'll get it all done before the 6 month dead line!
I just e-mailed our licensing worker to have her check the dates and have called the training coordinator to sign up for the classes. I see God's hand in all of this, things have fallen into place beautifully and I just don't think it's all a coincidence.

I e-mailed Next County licensing worker and it turns out we have to have our homestudy complete by 7/7/12, so we are well within the guidelines!


Sarah said...

YAY!! So glad to see things falling into place!!