Friday, October 18, 2013

Transitioning Home

Today is the first step in transitioning our girls. our foster daughters home. They have lived with us for 16 months. We adore them. We love them. We are heart broken. We are terrified. We wonder if their father will be successful. Girlfriend, since her bio mom died has developed a stutter. she hadn't stuttered for over a week. Today I told them I'd be picking them up for visit with their father. She immediately started to stutter. Is there  a connection. Little Miss this week peed her pants. twice. Is there a connection?

Yesterday as I was dropping Ryan off for school I asked him what he would think of the sisters living with their dad. He simply said no. I asked if that would be good or bad. he simply said bad. I said if he would be happy or sad. He simply said sad. I was honestly hoping he'd look forward to them going. I was hoping that he hadn't become so attached. Hoping he wouldn't have to lose them too.
I know it'll affect the big boys...I just don't know how deep an impact it'll be. we will see.

I love my girls. I wish my boys weren't being hurt in the process.
I asked Ethan if he thought we should accept more foster children (after an appropriate grieving time) and he is adamant that he'd like for us to be done. Lane Michael is on the fence. Ryan doesn't understand. Todd says he is done. No matter what we will keep our license open on the slim chance the girls come back into care.

This is hard. This is the goal. My girls will lose 2 mommies in less than a year.


Sarah said...

I feel so sad for you guys. I will be praying for your family.