Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Because I'm a Planner...

I have scheduled our entire vacation...I have outfits planned, days planned, meals planned...the WHOLE nine yards!
Monday: parade in Buckland (family tradition)
Eli's birthday party
head to Sandusky
African Safari
dinner out
swim until bed time

Tuesday: breakfast at the hotel (free)
Cedar Point
pack picnic lunch and eat on the grounds
Cedar Point for the remainder of the day
dinner at Cedar Point
stay through closing!

Wednesday: free breakfast
Todd golfs and I take the boys swimming
boys and I will eat a packed lunch
nap for Mom and Boys, Todd still golfing
dinner together

Thursday: free breakfast
Cedar Point
picnic lunch on the grounds
back to Cedar Point
dinner at Cedar Point
back to Cedar Point for the rest of the day

Friday: free breakfast
swim until we check out
lunch in the truck
Putt - Putt before heading home

I think that about covers it's probably the cheapest vacation I've ever planned and I'm so proud of me! We will go this weekend to get tickets from AAA, so that we get the great discount...a couple of friends of ours are meeting us for one day (we think), it should be AWESOME! I'm very excited! Wish us luck on keeping enough carbs in Lane Michael to keep him from crashing!


Sarah said...

Sounds like fun!! Ride a ride for me!! I am hoping to be released by the doc in time to ride rides at Kings Island on Labor day!!