Friday, May 23, 2008

Moving Forward

Ethan's doctor called a pediatrician and the ped. said he is 98% sure that Ethan and fine! YIPPEE! He said that Ethan is probably going through a growth spurt, and that children carry more of that hormone. As for his potassium, he is only .4 over what he should be...God is good to my family! Prayers work and there is Power in numbers! Thanks for all the support I've received about this! While we were going thru all of this, I went into panic mode and told Todd that until we know what is going on with Ethan, I will not be traveling across the country to pick up Baby Girl so I suggest not actively persuing anything right now...we have a clean bill of health. We are persing! I sent a list of important (and some not so important) questions to her adoptive case worker. I want to know if I can talk to Foster Mom and I want to know what the May re-exam said...I also want to know how big she is! What size she wears and how much she weighs...I have lots of questions but I want something to hold onto that has nothing to do with her medical and mental potential...I want to ask a normal baby question. I know that her foster family probably wants what is best for her...I hope we're what's best for her and I hope that she's the missing puzzle peice to our family. Lane Michael loves puzzles so any puzzle analogy I can use, he'll appreciate! He's one smart cookie...he can do 150 peice puzzles with minimal help. As long as I look like I'm stumped by the very confusing Sc00by D00 Puzzle, he'll finish it on his own and may even get frustrated with my presence and hovering, resulting in my being banished from the art of puzzle-try! Tee Hee Hee...I love that he's still too lil to catch on to Mommy's silly tricks! LOL