Thursday, May 1, 2008

Heard from the Social Worker

Yesterday I e-mailed back and forth with our social worker. She had some questions but had been diligently working on our case. She wanted me to clarify some things (our military service and address history - Todd's is quite extensive), and stuff like that...she asked a question about one of my sisters (the one I haven't seen or spoken to since January 7th was the day I left for Germany, I had a lay over in PA and she met me for a soda during that time. It's the last good memory I have of her. But I wonder why our social worker is curious about the one person in my family that I can't identify with. Everyone else, I've been close to at one time or another, but not Amy. Back to my social worker....I told her that Todd and I were nervous because this is the first time we've ever done this...she said that we'll probably do this hundreds of times before we get our match...but to not be discouraged, we have as good a chance with the baby as anyone. But she also said that hundreds of people are applying to adopt her.

Todd will be buying a laptop this weekend...I'm excited to have a computer in the house...I'm not excited to have to pay for an internet connection...I'm so cheap, it's not funny! But that does mean that while I'm in Cleveland next week, I'll be able to keep up with everyone...which has always been a challenge before! Yippee!

I got the final coat of pink paint on the babies room last night! That is one VERY pink room! WOW! Next my cousin and I will put black pin stripes in...I'm hoping the furniture and some lacy white curtains will tame the pink a little...we're also putting glitter butterfly and dragonfly stamps all over the room, they will be the same color as the paint except with glitter mixed into the paint...I'm very excited!

I hit a GREAT sale at JC Penney yesterday...I got all the boys summer clothes bought and I even got all thier jeans bought for next year! Yippee! So I will need new shirts for them but other than that we are good to go for school jeans and book bags for next year...they will be waiting until they are 6 to go to Kindergarten, we'll be holding them back a year but I think it's for the best...and after Todd saw their standardized test results he agreed that they aren't ready. It's not that they don't know this stuff...they just don't tell the teacher. They told her they don't know thier address and birthday...which is bull. They've known that stuff for at least 3 months! Grrr!! It all boils down to their maturity level, they aren't willing to cooperate. On a good note, I get to keep my little boys little for one more year! YEAH!