Monday, December 22, 2008

Change of Plans!

This year we're going to have to send a change of address to Santa Claus...of course it's a temporary change of address, but a change of address none the less...for Christmas this year, we'll be staying at my Mom's house! We're very excited and will probably do this a lot in the years to come...we've done it some in the past and always have a great time! We talked about it last night and since we'll be spending Christmas Eve there (for dinner and cookie baking) and will be back at Mom's by 3, then it only makes sense for us to just stay the night! We explained to Lane Michael and Ethan that Santa knows where we'll be and will find us no matter where we are, they're good with it...of course Lane would live there if we let him! So for Christmas Eve dinner this year, Gina (my sister) will be making the appetizers, my sister Hef may not come at all, we're still working on it, and I will be making the manicotti, Mom will make the casserole and meatballs...maybe a salad. And then after all is said and done we'll bake sugar and gingerbread cookies...lots of them! Yum! I'm excited! Then the boys will open Christmas Eve jammies (my favorite tradition), take a bath, put jammies on, read a couple of Christmas stories (the traditional Twas the Night Before Christmas and then The First Christmas)....after that Todd and I will wrap gifts and watch Christmas movies! Sounds like good times for all!!