Thursday, December 18, 2008


Ok so everyone knows that until recently we had planned to have no more biological children and we wanted to adopt a girl from the foster care system but because of various reasons,we decided to try for one more bio baby before jumping back into the system. But we had made this decision and it just so happened that since we were only looking to adopting a girl we would need a girls room. So I went out and bought lots of stuff for a baby girl, received lots of hand me downs (for a girl) and painted the room pink. HM. So begins my dilemma. What if we don't have a girl? Todd will be finding out the gender of this little being in or around April 7th...but I won't. So one option was that if it's a boy he could keep the room closed and paint when I'm not around...a good option but I'd smell the paint and we're almost never apart from each other. The other option is for me to just give up the dream of not knowing and find out in advance with Todd and paint the nursery ahead of time. But the third option is leaving it alone, letting the baby stay in a bassinet in our room for the first 1-3 months and paint and set up the room during that time...but it will be such a busy I want to give up that time with my baby to paint the walls of a nursery! I don't know, I think we'll just see how things progress from here!


Sarah said...

After Todd finds out what you are having. If you can, go one a weeks vacation or stay at your moms for a week. Then if it's a boy I will go paint and if its a girl I'll leave it the same. But since you will be gone you will have no idea. It's just a thought. I'm more than willing to do it.