Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Shopping is done!

WOOHOO! We're done! We (and by we I mean Todd) finished our Christmas shopping yesterday! This year, Christmas is different at our house! This year it is about family time. It's about being together, being thankful for what we have and loving those around us. This year it's about knowing how blessed we are and not about what's under the tree. Our boys have been told that Jesus received three gifts for his birthday, and that is how many they can expect to get. They understand, they like it...they never got upset with us or Santa (who made the rule) and they never once indicated that three isn't enough. They can name Jesus' three gifts, and hopefully Sunday they will learn the names of the 3 Wise men who came bearing gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. This year they are mature enough to understand that Christmas is about way more than the gifts we get, this year they helped to buy gifts for a family in need, they looked at the gifts under the tree (toys they wanted to keep) and yesterday gave them to the Mommy with a joyful heart! I'm so proud of them! They are so different, such individuals but I couldn't be more proud of how they've acted this year. So without further ado, here is what each child will find under the tree this year:
LANE MICHAEL will find:
digital camera (the one thing he has consistently asked for)
miniature Gameboy (so they can stop breaking Gramma's PSP)
Ben Ten car (it does cool boy stuff that really just confuses me to no end)

ETHAN will find:
stuffed dog (that when held up stands as high as my rib cage...and I stand 6 ft tall!!)
miniature Gameboy (so they can stop breaking Gramma's PSP)
MP3 player (so he can stop pretending to have one with headphones hooked to a small plastic box...he does this daily)

They will get one gift from us, this is unusual but they've asked for Kota since he came out and when he went on sale for $99 (from $299) we had to snatch him up!!

This year will be a joyful one, but on Christmas morning, before going to my Mom's we'll make our annual stop to see our baby, our (should be) 23 month old baby, and we will leave with him a toy chosen with love and tears. We will also stop and say Hi to my Dad, we'll tell him we're pregnant and how much we wish he could be here with us to celebrate, to rejoice in this new addition. But a joyful Christmas we will have because I got the best 26 years with my Dad, I got the best 9 months with Braden and I am blessed!


Sarah said...

Wow Lynne, you are such an amazing woman! I am thankful for my family and friends and know I am very blessed, but you always shine a new light on it. You are such an inspiration to me. You are so strong and so caring. You will never know exactly how much you mean to me and you may not see yourself as I see you, but you are a wonderful person!!