Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dear Elementary School which I shall not name~
Thank you for an eye opening year. I’d like to tell you how excited we all were for the start of the year, to begin kindergarten, to meet this mile stone. Now let me tell you that we are more excited for the years end. We came into the year not expecting to experience any of the “problems” we had heard so much about, we expected so much, but not truth to the rumors. We did expect our boys to struggle and have to work hard, we expected them to repeat kindergarten, knowing they aren’t as mature as their peers. We’re ok with that. The people who you have screening said they should go this year. So we sent them. And when one of your teachers called me after school had been in just 6 weeks talking about retaining one of my children, I saw it, what every one had whispered….the rumors had come to our home to live. But I put it aside, and because of how it was worded, put it out of my mind for the time. But the words retention and ADHD continued to be thrown about, as if labeling a child was nothing more than tossing a ball, no more thought put into it. Late night calls, and daily letters followed. I took it all in stride, resisting the temptation to reassign blame from my child to the teacher as so many others had done. I talked to doctors and specialists, did research, thought about it, pondered it, lost sleep over it and finally cried over it. Then when he came home telling me that my child had been called a naughty boy in front of the class, I thought my heart would break. If all of their talk had been true and my child truly was ADHD then he isn’t naughty, he is unable to sit the way other children are able to sit. Making him not naughty but different. I didn’t complain about the incident, everyone has bad days and this might have been hers. And when I was called in to talk about options to get through to the end of the year but was ambushed instead by a steady stream of “Your child is ADHD please medicate him” I didn’t yell, even though I was ambushed, and could have come prepared and open-minded. I let it go. But then when on my other sons birthday he was removed from the class while everyone else enjoyed a cupcake, for his birthday, and he didn’t complain to them but when I called to rectify the situation and he was called a Drama Queen, I didn’t come thru the phone and bite any ones head off, but when my son was then removed so the rest of the class could have candy because the Diabetic Aide didn’t want to do her job, after I had said not to do it that way….you’re beginning to get on my nerves. I’m afraid I will soon snap. And the school board will hear me. Thank you for listening. Please rectify your staff.


Sarah said...

You go girl!! Give them a piece of your mind!!

Corrine said...

I'd be on the phone...PRONTO!!
It's that mama lioness. Don't mess with the kids!