Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sick = Scary

Having a sick little one is scary. Having a diabetic child is scary. But when the diabetic gets sick, it's a fear I wish on no one! Lane Michael was sick this weekend. Very sick. It all started on Saturday afternoon....very suddenly. He came from the back bedroom crying (nearly screaming) that his ear hurt and he just couldn't take the pain. We rocked, he cried, we used a hot towel, he cried, we sang, he cried, we put ear drops in, he screamed. hm. and finally, after an hour, he slept. Todd came home, and Lane Michael continued to sleep, and when he woke, he cried. After a few hours and some pain medication, he seemed to be doing better. But by Sunday morning, I knew we had a problem. Lane was white and warm. He didn't eat breakfast, he didn't watch cartoons, he laid on the couch. He didn't speak to us, just laid there. By mid-afternoon he had been awake less than an hour and hadn't eaten anything. His fever had hit 102 and I was getting uncomfortable. Lane Michael has a history of seizures (unprovoked and febrile) but felt I could still handle it....but when the pain in his side was so bad that he couldn't (physically couldn't ) sit himself up, I was in over my head. Off to the ER we went. And there we sat, sick child in arms, and when they finally took us back, they gave him an adult Motrin (to bring down the fever) but as soon as it took affect, he was able to be reasonably pleasant, his fever was down, he could hold a conversation and was able to speak to they sent us home. No answers, nothing to help. Big waste of time. gr. But soon after we got home his fever returned, he couldn't eat and he went back to sleep. He developed a cough at some this point we had finished day one of sickness....he had eaten half a sausage and 4 bites of applesauce (now remember with a diabetic, you have to eat to keep your sugar from falling) and his fever had been consistently 102 all day (and with a seizure disorder, this is very dangerous). So through the night we slept downstairs on the couches....except he was too thirsty to sleep more than an hour at a time...waking each time to drink water. Then at 3:30 he woke up and couldn't sleep. So I put him on the couch with me and turned on cartoons...he finally went back to sleep at about 7. Just in time for Ethan to wake up and need breakfast (Todd was working), so we got up and got breakfast....Lane didn't eat. Ethan was so good for me all day long! He played and watched cartoons and laid with me, he was so good and so low maintenance! I'm proud of him! Lane slept....he didn't eat, he slept. He didn't play or watch cartoons....finally when Todd came home he moved to the basement to try to watch cartoons....his cool down there and at some point his fever broke (thank God) at supper time he ate 7 bites before falling back to sleep....and then he went to bed at 8:30....and he slept....I would like to say "I'm not sure how we got thru this without a seizure or a dangerous blood sugar level" but I do know how. By the grace of God. He wasn't well enough to go to school yet on Tuesday and Ethan would have gotten there and they would have sent him straight home (his cough was pretty bad and it gagged him and made him throw up several times)

Then yesterday we had Lane Michael had his follow up expected. Lane's brain is still firing off the seizure sparks and so far none have connected to create another problem but that doesn't mean it won't...the Doctor checked him for a disease that connects type 1 diabetes with a seizure disorder...we don't have it...finally something we DON'T have! Lane did well and did as he was told...but by the end of the day he was very fussy and very whiny....I'm thinking he's not 100% quite yet but we're getting there!