Friday, January 23, 2009

Just Days Before....

Less than a week seperates the inaugeration of our first biracial president and my children's 6th birthday...less than a week. And while I want to take today to celebrate the miracle that took place 6 whole years ago, I also am intrigued by the man who has just taken the reigns of our country. So Monday I will sort out my feelings but today, just for today, I will stop, put all things aside and say to my sweet, independent, growing boys Happy Birthday! I can't imagine life without you! Recently we talked about your futures and Lane Michael, ever my rock dependable and stable, you still want to be a chef...a chinese chef to be exact....and I think if you could change one thing about yourself I think you would make yourself may even choose that over a cure! And sweet Ethan, always fun and full of life, you have decided to be a truck driver, not because you have a passion for transporting goods or because you enjoy a good long car drive but because you want more time with Daddy. Sweet sweet Ethan, oh I love that about you! Did you know that just 6 years from this day (the day before you were born) I laid in a bed in Texas anticipating your arrival, but nothing NOTHING could have prepared me for this. When I saw you in my head I saw two like beings, two boys who looked alike and who I had to dress differently to tell apart, two boys that would be so alike it would be painful but I only saw you as the infants you were....never as the boys you became! I didn't see your first day of school, I couldn't know how great this would painful it would be to have you in the world, away from me, being influenced by others (good and bad) and how wonderful all of your successes would feel! Your first steps seem pale in comparison to who you are....Did you know that one your first birthday we were all so sick that we slept thru the 50 people who came out to see you? That we didn't even get were too sick and slept most of the day...but looking back, the party wasn't the important part....the year was. And every year just gets better and better! Happy Birthday Boys!


Scrappy Girl said...

What a sweet note to your boys...they are cuties! Happy Bday boys!

Sarah said...

Wow! Serious?! 6?! Are you sure?? We aren't that old are we?? lol That is so nuts!! I think you have to be mistaken, bc I'm only 24. lol!!
Anyways, happy birthday boys!!!