Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The World is Changing.

I hate change. Anyone who knows me knows I hate change...But what I hate worse than change is being surprised by a change. So when I dream....when I have a nightmare about making the choice to afford to feed my children or medicate my shakes me. Not because I think it will happen but because I think it can happen. We (myself included) as Americans are arrogant, we think we're invinsible, we're young and inexperienced, Rome fell, so can we. History will repeat itself, no one is the world power forever. But I don't fear losing that position in the world what I am afraid of is that change not coming. As a Christian, I am aware of certain things that have to happen before the second coming....before we're raptured. Seemingly small changes. But I don't think I as an adult will see many of these changes....worst yet, I think my children may. They will be responsible for making these heartbreaking, life ending decisions. They will be responsible for their own salvation, for the salvation of my children, and what a task it is to prepare them for this awesome responsibility.