Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Goals. Resolutions. Changes. Fresh start. Whatever you want to call it, I'm going to try it.

I want to be more honest this year. I went through some "stuff" last year. #1 reason for not blogging as much. Life wasn't always good. It was dramatic and ugly, but we all survived. So this year I plan to dedicate myself first to God, second to family, and third to my career.

To God: He deserves my time, my energy and devotion. Prayer has recently gone by the way side, I have tried to "solve" "fix" life's problems alone. Turns out I can't do it alone...I don't want to. Worry less, pray more.

To Family: Routine. Healthy meals. Time. My family (the 4 men I am responsible to) they deserve more of my undivided attention. I'll admit that Ryan (a 3rd child) has me overwhelmed. But if I'd slow down and take on one thing at a time we'd be more organized, go to bed earlier and I'd accomplish more and most importantly Prioritize our activities. Use our time together as time together. Pick and choose what we attend...we are too busy.

Career: I work fast, I type fast, I talk fast. It is my biggest flaw. I act without enough thought. I will change that this year. If nothing else changes, this WILL change. NOW. I am making careless mistakes, mistakes that should have never been made. It's slowing me down. I have to re-do some things I've already done, it changes now.

These aren't New Years Resolutions. They are changes I am making in my life. Not just for one year but forever.


Erika said...

Hi there - I agree with you about resolutions. I started my "resolutions" a few months before the new year because why wait for the next year when something needs to be changed, right? :)