Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Lane Michael and Ethan

This year was their first "big boy" birthday dinner...they decided to go to the hibachi grill and since their birthday is so close to Christmas we don't give them gifts but that's what others did. The boys will go shopping tonight for their "gifts" they'll put any extra money left over in their savings. We had a great time but loved watching them watch the show most of all!

8 years ago today!

8 years ago today I met these two amazing people.

Lane Michael, my challenging, rewarding, sensitive boy. You challenge me and my parenting abilities every day. You're spirited and smart. Beautiful and loving. Life hasn't always been easy for you but you take it in stride and rarely complain. You've been able to give yourself shots for almost a year and now can even dial up the dose. You're book smart and catch on quickly in school. When asked if you're a nerd, you answer proudly that you are but it's ok, because nerds run the world *grin* (fun twist on bullying).

Ethan...sweet sweet Ethan. You're changing and growing. Amazing me every day. Easy going and happy. I can count on you. I do count on you. A great big brother to Ryan and the perfect twin to Lane Michael. I see now that their similarities will make you the glue between them. Last summer you really started're people smart, you read people well, keep a cool level head and think quick on your feet. You've started reading and really enjoy it but you're really good at math.

Being your Mom is a gift. I treasure it and don't take the responisibility lightly. I love you and can't believe you're already 8!!