Thursday, January 6, 2011

Solo Parenting.

Todd left (rather abruptly) for Missouri yesterday. We found out on Tuesday that his Mom (step) is having surgery today, decided that we couldn't afford 2 trips to Missouri (in worst case scenario). Todd was very distraught and felt obligated to go...I crunched numbers and just didn't know how we'd make it happen. Wednesday morning, I was balancing our check book, got online and there was an unexpected deposit. More than enough for 2 trips to Missouri. (let me just say, God does not work in mysterious ways if we're willing to see it and recognize it). So last night, after a lot of debating, hemming and hawing, I told him that we both know where I'd be if this was my Mom...that sealed it. After supper, he loaded up and left...shortly after he left I loaded up the brood and hauled them to GLOW (our Wednesday night church for kids). GLOW went well but as we were leaving I couldn't find my keys...and couldn't find my keys...yep locked in the car. again. Called my Mom...we tried to open it but to no avail so we called the sheriff...who not only took forever getting to the church but sat on his phone for 10 minutes in his car after arriving. So an hour after GLOW had ended, we got home and the boys to bed. Oh did I mention Lane Michael's glasses broke...well lost a screw, so after they were in bed I packed lunches, set out the next days clothes, fixed glasses, packed book bags and finally relaxed. Ryan slept like a champ (as he usually does when Todd is away), the morning ran very smoothly (the boys got to sleep in until 7 and still made the bus at 7:25) Ryan was happy to be at Julie's house and all has gone well. I don't normally do well solo parenting, I'm a great team player....but I have to say, the boys have really done well and we have rocked it this time! I think I will have them set out clothes again tonight to make the mornings flow better, that would eliminate the "I'm out of socks" "where are my jeans" "I hate this shirt". I wouldn't want solo parenting to be permanent but maybe I can rock it when necessary...especially with these lifestyle changes in place!