Friday, April 1, 2011

More Options...

How bad do we want it? We are faced with some very good options for the summer, but also face a summer of hard work. And when I say hard work, I mean hard core value the limited time we'll have together and sleep we'll get. Yesterday afternoon Todd met with his advisers to schedule his fall classes. What he discovered though is that he could go to school full time this summer. Nothing is set in stone because many of the classes are considered full (although they are online classes so he will probably be allowed in). We're still waiting to hear from the teachers but these are all online evening courses. Now Todd is going to school on his military benefits (he was injured in Iraq and these injuries would keep him from 1. continuing his military career 2. performing on the civilian side as a police officer) so they pay him a monthly "living expenses" check...that would mean he would be one semester closer to his degree. But it would mean he'd miss every single baseball game, he couldn't help coach this year. And we'd have to decide if he'd still drive this summer. If he drove and went to class, we'd be able to easily pay off the 4-wheeler and have a down payment saved for the new house and maybe even go on vacation. He also plans to DJ every Saturday night. We can do anything for 3 months...I know we could do it. But is Todd willing to...? It would mean a lot of changes, the boys would have to step it up with helping out and chores, we'd all be robbed of any kind of summer and I would solo parent 5 nights a week. We have some big decisions to make! And if we have to move in that time...well, then we're really up a creek! Did I mention, I travel for work 3 times this summer? Once in May, once in June and once in August...I see doors opening that makes all of this possible...the question is, how bad do we want it?