Thursday, May 5, 2011


I was expecting to go into the doctors office, have him scrape a few cells off the area and send me on my way, he'd call me in a week to tell me the results. No big deal, so in anticipating this "no big deal" I went alone...well not completely alone, Ryan went along. That is not what happened.

Instead the nurse took me to a small room, on the door it said "minor surgery". She set out her instruments, handed me a sheet to cover myself and left me to get ready.

Pretty soon Dr F came in, I laid back, he gave me a shot of pain meds, Ryan tried to climb up with me so I asked him where all his body parts were, by the time I got through all his body parts, Dr. F said it was all done. I have 4 stitches and they didn't hurt right away.

I took Ryan to Cool Aunt Becca, and headed to Cleveland for training. But by the time I was in Lima, my jeans were hurting my stitches so I stopped at penneys to get some yoga pants have spent all non working hours in those this week (so comfy).

It's ugly but doesn't hurt too much.

After Dr. F was done I asked what to expect, the nurse said I'd come back in 10 days to get the stitches out and get the results. When asked about the spot on my ankle Dr F said "if on the off chance it comes back normal, we'll then biopsy the spot on the ankle, but otherwise we'll send you to a derm who will look at your whole body"...yah as optomistic as I am about everything coming back normal, I wish Dr F would feel the same!

But my grandma is pretty bad so we're definitely in prayer for her!


Sarah said...

Praying for positive results!!! I am being optimistic just like you!!! If you need anything, I'm here!!