Monday, May 2, 2011

Biopsy Tomorrow

This week is crazy! Everyone has something big happening at different times in different cities.

Monday (today) I have to work all day and then this evening I'll go to Otterbein where our office is being presented with an award for our service to their clients (really cool since I'm the only one that goes over there)

Tuesday I'll work till noon-ish, then finish packing and getting ready to go, get my Mom, go to my Dr appt (biopsy - - there's a 2nd spot being looked at on my opposite ankle) then take Ryan to Rebecca, the twins will go home with the H family who will get them to their ball game, Todd has his math and german finals tomorrow and will pick everyone up when he's done. I will leave after taking Ryan to Rebecca for Independence (Cleveland) until Friday afternoon.

Wednesday the boys have church

Thursday is the Mothers Day Tea at the boys school...Todd will bring Mom and Grandma Sweet in for it, Mom will go with Lane Michael and Grandma Sweet with Ethan, then they have another ball game that evening

Friday I'll get home and we might hang with the H family

Saturday Todd works

Sunday is Mothers Day

Are you tired yet? I am!