Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Biopsy results came back clean! It was a cluster of capillaries under the skin! YEAH! Thank God!

Mothers Day was nice...uneventful for the most part....actually, it was very eventful, it just was also a normal day.

Lou (my brother) took a job in Arizona...he leaves on May 22nd. My Mom is so sad.

Lane Michael had an endo appt went well. The doc said we're doing a great job, his numbers are right where we want them...she tweaked his lunch number and his bed snack but left everything else the same!

Baseball is going well! They played Tuesday night, Lane Michael was in the outfield, Ethan 2nd base and each scored a run...although they were walked (the other boys are much bigger than ours so it's hard to pitch to such small strike zones).

Ryan is so sassy lately! On Mothers Day he walked up to Ethan, who was standing at the kids table while eating a bowl of fruit, Ryan hugged him from behind but started walking backwards, after he had moved Ethan out of the way, he ran and grabbed his fruit and ran off. Hysterical! He's also taken to calling me Honey (hahaha) so often I hear "oh Honey, stop it" LOL goof! He's still very shy and doesn't speak in front of people...last night a friend asked if he ever speaks, so I called him over and he said a few sentences but painfully shy!